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The Pediatric Surgery Division at Makassed General Hospital offers high quality diagnostics, treatment and surgery to children, from birth to age 18.

A part of the Department of Surgery, the Division also provides an environment that focuses on cutting-edge research on a national and international level.

Specific emotional and disease-related factors must be taken into account when performing surgery on children as opposed to adults. For this reason, procedures are done with minimal invasive surgery when possible.

Neonatal surgery:

Neonatal surgery is performed on infants with conditions that cannot be treated while in the womb. Surgery may be done immediately after birth or in the days or weeks that follow. It may also treat defects that develop shortly after birth. Operating on these critical newborns requires highly specialized pediatric surgeons. Premature babies may also require neonatal surgery to correct developmental issues.

Some of the conditions treated include:

· Anorectal malformations: a range of birth defects in which the anus and the rectum do not develop properly.

· Annular pancreas: a rare condition characterized by a ring of excess pancreatic tissue that encases and obstructs part of the small intestine.

· Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a hole in the diaphragm that allows abdominal organs to migrate into the chest.

· Esophageal Atresia: a malformation of the esophagus.

· Gastroschisis: a rare defect of the abdominal wall, in which the intestines protrude outside of the baby's body.

· Heart defects: such as heart valve disorders.

· Hirschsprung’s disease: a condition of the large intestines that causes difficult bowel movements.

· Blockages in the intestines: including intestinal atresia.

· Lung lesions and tumors: such as congenital pulmonary airway malformation, a noncancerous tumor that develops in abnormal lung tissue.

· Necrotizing enterocolitis: a condition that occurs when the lining of the intestinal wall dies, common in premature or critically ill infants.

· Tracheoesophageal fistula: an abnormal connection between the esophagus and the trachea.

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Nabil Daoud, MD

Pediatric Surgeon Specialist in Neonatal Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Hepato-biliary Surgery and Oncologic Surgery