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Makassed General Hospital is committed to making high-quality healthcare universally accessi- ble across the Lebanese territory and seeks to:

  • Become the preferred healthcare provider in Lebanon;
  • Serve as a comprehensive academic institution for medical care and a regional referral center for specialized services;
  • Provide a wide range of high-quality services.


MGH believes are in line with Makassed initial ethos, with an emphasis on excellent health care services that comes through:

  • Responding to community needs and providing accessible and affordable medical services;
  • Becoming a customer-oriented organization catering to patients, clinicians and employees;
  • Providing the highest professional standards for patient care through advanced technologies;
  • Providing comprehensive health services, including primary care, screening and communication programs;
  • Providing residency programs for local universities;
  • Supporting continuous medical and para- medical research and education.