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Feto Maternal Medicine

Makassed General Hospital includes maternal-fetal medicine, a subspecialty of obstetrics
and gynecology, where the physician has advanced training and expertise in the care of
women with high-risk pregnancies. Examples of high-risk pregnancies may include
women with one or more of the following conditions:
 A pre-existing medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
 Conception occurred while taking certain medications for other health issues.
 Age 35 years or older at the time of delivery.
 A medical history of a prior stillbirth or recurrent miscarriage.
 Development of pregnancy complications, such as preterm labor, too much or too
little amniotic fluid, infection, vaginal bleeding, gestational diabetes, or high
blood pressure.
 Complications found or suspected in the fetus, such as birth defects including
cleft lip or heart defect, infections, or medical issues such as Down syndrome.
 Abnormal placentas or conditions such as placenta Previa or an abruption.
 Multiple fetuses such as twins or triplets.
High-Quality Care for High-Risk Pregnancies
A certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists have expertise across the wide range of
problems that might occur during pregnancy or labor and delivery. Our specialists
 Advanced prenatal diagnostic studies.
 Pre-pregnancy evaluations
 First trimester screening
 Detailed obstetric ultrasound
 Diagnosis and treatment planning for medical and pregnancy-related
complications in the mother-to-be
 Diagnosis and treatment planning for medical complications in the unborn baby

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