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Education Program

Makassed strives to ensure complete and advanced health care to our community and this mission has prompted the Association and Makassed General Hospital to set up a comprehensive and integrated educational program to train doctors who have completed the sixth year of general medicine specialization in local and international universities.

Academic Training Programs

Makassed General Hospital is a training center that cooperates with universities and institutions in Lebanon (internship). Starting from the academic year 2000 it has been started offering a training program for Beirut Arab University medical students.   

Medical Specialty Training

All clinical departments are involved in the education and training of health professionals since the early seventies, and formal affiliated programs started in 1981 in affiliation with the American University of Beirut Medical Centre.

Graduates of medical specialties 1981-2022

Int. MedOBGYNPediatricsSurgeryTotal #

Accreditation, Affiliations & Academic Training Programs:

Residency programs:

Makassed General Hospital offers postgraduate medical residency training in a modern and well equipped medical facility with a diverse patient population and a high quality teaching staff.

The medical resident, at the completion of his residency training program, is expected to have achieved the academic excellence and in-depth clinical competence characteristic of a well-trained general specialist in his field.

The program includes specialized curricula in each of the following specialties where the educational progress and the clinical activity of each resident are carefully supervised by an experienced attending staff guided by the chairmen of departments.

General Surgery

The objective of the residency training in surgery is the provision of diverse clinical experience which includes the preoperative, intra operative and post-operative management of the surgical patient. The clinical responsibilities of the surgical house office become higher and more complex as the level of the training progresses.

Internal Medicine

The residency training program in General Internal Medicine strives to teach and train residents in clinical skills and the needed humanitarian qualities required for a general internist.

Obstetrics & Gynecology:

During this postgraduate education, residents can consolidate much of the basic information taught in medical school, develop diagnostic skills, learn to treat obstetrics & gynecology conditions, perform obstetrics and gynecology procedures, and become aware of physicians’ responsibilities towards patients, their families and community.

Moreover, the OBGYN department initiated a fellowship program in maternal–fetal medicine in collaboration with the University of Lille (France). The sub specialist will have further theoretical and practical training in:

  • High risk pregnancy and feto – maternal medicine
  • Ante natal diagnosis of a wide range of maternal and fetal disorders through invasive and non invasive techniques.
  • Management of high risk pregnancies antenatally, perinatally and postnatally


The department of Pediatrics at Makassed General Hospital has, in addition to its residency training program that graduates general pediatricians, a fellowship program in neonatology done in collaboration with the University of Lille (France). Duration of this subspecialty training include two years of which one year is spent in Lille and the other at Makassed General Hospital.

The aim of this training is to add to the wellbeing of fetus and neonate in regular nursery and intensive care unit at Makassed General Hospital and to benefit from this expertise in remote areas remote outside Beirut.

To further strengthen these training programs, Makassed General Hospital sought and achieved the following accreditation and affiliation agreements:

  • The Arab Board of Medical Specialties Accreditation

The Arab Board for Medical Specialties of the Arab League/Council of Ministers has recognized the hospital as a teaching hospital in the following medical specialties:

Pediatricsince March 1986
Obstetrics & Gynecologysince April 1988
Internal Medicinesince December 1991
General Surgerysince October 1997

The American University of Beirut Affiliations

MHG residency training programs have been affiliated to the American University of Beirut Medical Center as follows:

Pediatricsince 1987
Obstetrics & Gynecologysince 1983
Internal Medicinesince 1984
General Surgerysince 1996

Many graduates of these programs have joined fellowship programs at AUBMC, Lille, and other University hospitals. Others have established clinical practices in hospitals and private clinics all over Lebanon.

The Lebanese University Affiliations

The Lebanese University has affiliated to MGH the training programs of:

  • Nurses and midwives,
  • Medical Students in General medicine and Urology,
  • Residency training in all clinical departments,
  • Pharmacists and clinical pharmacists
  • Laboratory and Physiotherapy technicians.

The Institut Gustave Roussy Affiliation


The medical program in Bone Marrow Transplantation center is affiliated to Institut Gustave Roussy of the Université de Paris, the leader in this field in Europe, to train physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and technicians and to provide technical support.

This affiliation allows the transfer of technology, which enables MGH to be the pioneer center of Bone Marrow Transplantation in Lebanon.

The Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire de Lille Affiliation

MGH has been affiliated to the “Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Lille” since October 30, 1995 for cooperation in the administrative and medical fields. This protocol comes in two parts:

  • A continuing education program for Makassed General Hospital physicians, nurses, technicians, and administrators.
  • A teaching program offering fellowships in the fields of Neonatology, Hematology-Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplantation, and Feto Maternal medicine and an exchange of visiting professors enriching the residency programs at MGH.