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Successful Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a 74 years old woman was told by her doctors that she should remove her malignant tumor. However, after evaluating the patient, anesthesiologists refused to perform the surgery, leading the entire family to have little hope of curing her. Her son was told that the anesthesia was challenging because of her numerous health issues such as her inability to walk and her constant need of oxygen, in addition to her suffering from cardiomegaly that makes the heart pump harder than usual.

The family tried several hospitals in Lebanon and outside. Fortunately for them, a doctor in a hospital in Beirut told them to contact Makassed General Hospital because doctors there knew how to perform the surgery without general anesthesia.

The patient was then transferred to MGH where the surgery was successfully performed without complications under a special type of local anesthesia of 12 nerves in the abdomen, 6 nerves on each side, resulting in a 12 cm long wound.

The surgery lasted 3 hours and was successful. The patient did not need postoperative intensive care because she didn’t have a general anesthesia. She was transferred to a normal room without painkillers because this unique type of anesthesia covers postoperative pain, facilitating a rapid return to normal life.
This specific type of anesthesia is available only at Makassed General Hospital for elderly and for critical patients with severe health issues.