MGH’s Vision and Mission

About Makassed       MGH’s Vision and Mission


Makassed General Hospital is committed to making high-quality healthcare universally accessible across the Lebanese territory and seeks to:

  • Become the preferred healthcare provider in Lebanon
  • Serve as a comprehensive academic institution for medical care and a regional referral center for specialized services
  • Create highly committed healthcare practitioners
  • Provide a wide range of high quality services
  • Expand and improve through new medical facilities


MGH believes are in line with Makassed initial ethos:

  • Education is essential for economic and social progress
  • Women are vital contributors to such progress
  • Everyone has an equal right to educational opportunities and healthcare
  • Civic engagement is a basic component of social, economic and cultural strength

Emphasis on excellent health care services comes through:

  1. Responding to community needs and providing accessible and affordable medical services
  2. Becoming a customer-oriented organization catering to patients, clinicians and employees
  3. Providing the highest professional standards for patient care through advanced technologies
  4. Providing comprehensive health services, including primary care, screening and communication programs
  5. Providing residency programs for local universities
  6. Supporting continuous medical and paramedical research and education
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