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A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear patients, families and friends

Welcome to the new website of Makassed General Hospital.

Since 1930, Makassed General Hospital provides high quality, effective and compassionate care to the community and I am proud that we are the hospital of choice to whole generations of Lebanese. We are committed to the best possible care and we treat each patient as a family member; they deserve nothing less. 

The dedication of our employees, nurses, medical staff and administrative team is reflected in everything we do. We understand the health issues that impact Lebanon, and keeping our community healthy is our primary concern. Our hospital is constantly improving and making changes to keep pace with medical technology innovations.

We hope this website becomes a valuable source of information. We are here to help, whatever your medical situation is. The site will allow you to find out more about our hospital, access our services and understand our goals and objectives. It will be regularly updated and improved, just as we constantly seek better ways to provide healthcare for our patients.

We continually strive for excellence and to be your healthcare partner for life, and we welcome your feedback on how Makassed General Hospital is performing. If you have any suggestions, please go to the Customer Care section and submit your comments. And if we are doing well, we’d like to know that too!


Thank you again for visiting us.

Dr. Mohammed Amin Badr

            Chief Executive Officer

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