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Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at MGH is the committee officially appointed to review the research activities conducted at the hospital to ensure the safety and welfare of all human subjects participating in the research. The IRB follows the three ethical principles on which standards of ethical conduct in research are based: beneficence, respect for human dignity, and justice.

MGH’s IRB was established in 2000. The committee serves educational and advisory functions, and performs these functions according to detailed operational procedures. The primary mission of the IRB is to use the evaluation process to review research proposals to ensure the reliability of the research design and methodology, in addition to protecting the safety and privacy of the participating subjects. The principles that guide the tasks of the IRB are based on internationally recognized procedures outlined in “Good Clinical Practice”1, “The Declaration of Helsinki”2 and “The Belmont Report”3.

The IRB is committed to encouraging research and to facilitating all requirements of research projects and clinical trials. Moreover, research is a vital component of the MGH residency curriculum, since residents are required to submit a research project before their graduation. In addition to providing researchers with access to scanned medical records and the MGH library, the affiliation with the American University of Beirut provides residents with access to the AUB library. More than 100 research papers have been published in a variety of medical publications since 2000.

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