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Key Dates


January 2

Opening of a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

– Construction of Sana Tabbara Building which will include all the new administrative offices, an auditorium as well as stem cell laboratories (due in July 2020)

January 1

MGH undergoes major renovation work and expansion:

  • Redesigning and renovation of the main lobby
  • Renovation of equipment and refurbish of internal spaces of the dialysis unit
  • Planning, designing and landscaping of a drop- off area for dialysis and MRI units
  • Creation of the Pre-Admission Unit (PAU) where patients are admitted prior to surgery to help them prepare for the procedure and for after surgery
  • Relocation and establishment of a new Cardiac Surgery Unit (CSU)
April 2

MGH completely redesigns and launches the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

April 2

The first allogeneic stem cell transplant for a 4-month old patient with rare congenital hematologic disorder is performed at MGH

April 2

MGH establishes the Hematology-Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Center for patients with hematological and oncological diseases, to financially support disadvantaged patients in their battle against cancer The first successful autologous bone marrow transplant in Lebanon is performed at MGH

April 2

MGH evolves into a major teaching hospital in Lebanon

April 2

Under the leadership of Ms. Fayza El Solh, a women’s committee is established to oversee the expansion of the hospital facility and its medical services The hospital plays a major role in treating casualties from war in Palestine

April 2

Dr. Mohammad Khaled is appointed Administrative Director

April 2

The hospital is renamed Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association Hospital in Beirut The hospital establishes its internal governance structure and patient care policies

January 1

The hospital building expands to include a third floor.

January 1

The Hospital Committee becomes the Islamic Hospital Association in Beirut and is chaired by the President of the Makassed Association

January 1

Omar Daouk launches the new two-storey hospital at its current location, with a staff of 13 doctors and 10 nurses

January 1

Najib Beyk Salahedine donates a 3000-yard land in Beirut to build the hospital on

January 1

A committee is formed to study the feasibility of establishing a Hospital under Makassed umbrella

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